Marvellous Microbes

Sustainable Communities has hosted two talks recently on the microbes found in our soil: the first, at the One Planet Market in May, focused on the diversity of fungi; and the second, a Grow Grow Grow workshop in Unley covered what makes soil so productive, and needing to be treated with care. They fit into a growing awareness of the importance of microbes and their role in biological interactions.

The sheer diversity and abundance of microbes on this planet is astounding. A gram of soil contains thousands of species of microbes. I’ve known that bacteria can exist in many harsh ecosystems around this planet, but I was surprised to find out that fungi too have been found in extreme places such as deep ocean beds, in thermal springs and high in mountain ranges.

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Sustainable Communities in ABC Pool

The ABC has created a website called Pool where the audience can share and talk about their creative work – music, photos, videos, documentaries, interviews and more. Sustainable Communities has contributed stories from several members about their experience of joining our organisation and what that has meant to them.

Community group gardening project

We have had a great experience this morning as six of us started a new group gardening project. An area of about 3 square metres is available in the backyard of a member’s home. One of our members from the Congo brought along 3 family members and they lined up with the hoes and mattock and dug over the area in half an hour – a real African experience. Another member has prepared pumpkin, zucchini and cucumber seeds. And we will plant some of the green leaf familiar to the Congolese that we regard as weeds. Now that is food security.

By the way, do you eat beetroot leaves, cauliflower leaves, broccoli leaves and radish leaves? They are all good greens. Contact Beth for more information.