One Planet Market


One Planet Market, an initiative of Sustainable Communities SA, is a local market held from 9am – 12 noon on the 3rd Saturday of each month at
Payneham Community Centre, 374 Payneham Road, Payneham 5070.

We welcome people to come and sell, buy or exchange garden produce, home made food and second hand goods. The market features:

  • Local produce
  • Urban Orchard – swap and share
  • Morning tea
  • LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) members stalls
  • FreeCycle
  • Information table – join Sustainable Communities, renew your membership, information and resources on sustainability events and activities
  • Free workshops on practical topics at 10.30am – see program below!

The aims of the market are

  • To encourage local production and local economy
  • To foster community relationships, resilience and self-reliance

For more information please contact

One Planet Market Guidelines for Growers [pdf 70KB]



(See the list of all workshops held since 2013)




20 January 2018

John Boland

How to work out if solar panels and battery storage will be good for you;  State battery storage plan

17 February 2018

Christine Pyman

Happy healthy chickens and ducks

17 March 2018

Cathryn Hamilton,
Alternative Technology Association

Living comfortably in an energy efficient home

21 April 2018

John Boland & Chris Bryant

Edible native plants

19 May 2018

Pam Catchside, Honorary Research Associate, State Herbarium

Earthballs, stinkhorns and other large fungi

16 June 2018

Sandra Obst

Textile art – textile artists, for generations across many cultures, have been repairing and re-making household fabrics and clothing, respecting tradition and keeping memories alive

21 July 2018

Liana Taylor

Stop going crazy

18 August 2018

Christine Pyman

Don’t throw out citrus peel!
Glace peel, citrus cleanser, limoncello

15 September 2018

Pauline Muir

Tomatoes – heirloom or hybrid?

20 October 2018

Jess Bamford

Growing mushrooms at home

17 November 2018

Nigel Holden

Korean natural farming using micro-organisms

15 December 2018

Rise Up Singers Adelaide

Rise Up Singers, a community singing group that uses song and tuneful persuasion to take action against climate change. Everyone is
welcome! Come and sing

See the list of all workshops held since 2013.

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