Grow Grow Grow Your Own (GGGYO) – recent activities

Report by Peter Croft on recent Unley Group activities.

In previous updates, we talked about our focus on food security as a practical way of connecting with the concept of sustainability: as the world population grows from 7 billion now to (a likely) 9 billion by 2050, where will our food come from?

 In our first year, we got an Unley Council grant to distribute planter boxes with seedlings to the community. Since then, using further grants, we have run workshops on growing food and typically attract 40 to 50 people to each session. Our next workshop (12 June) is all about garden design.

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Grow Grow Grow – next workshop!

The 2nd of the free 2016 Workshop Series is coming up:

3pm Sunday 1 May 2016 at Unley Community Centre

TOPIC: Getting your soil right and managing pests
Bring soil samples from your garden and examples of your pest problems.

FREE – thanks to a generous City of Unley grant.
Please register to attend this workshop at or on 0401 122 547.

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Grow, grow, grow – 2016 workshops

The successful Grow, grow, grow workshop series continues in 2016, encouraging and informing people who want to grow more of their food at home.

Our first workshop for this year will be held at

3pm Sunday 6 March 2016 at Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur Street, Unley


Our focus will be on how your garden went this summer: what worked in your garden and what didn’t. If you are like us, the hot days in early summer caused some vegetables to ‘bolt’. Please bring along samples of some of the produce that grew well and any problems that you had. If you have any excess produce to share, bring that too! Continue reading

Grow, Grow, Grow Your Own #6!

Workshop on growing seedlings and microgreens – the 6th in a series presented by Sustainable Communities SA – Unley Groups

2pm Saturday 29 August 2015
Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur Street, Unley

This workshop is for gardeners who want to grow seedlings – some for summer vegetables and some for eating directly as minigreens. Minigreens are particularly suitable for those who can’t manage a garden but who still want to grow their own food and have a sunny spot available.

Pauline's mini-greens

Pauline’s mini-greens

The workshop will be led by Vivian Curro and Pauline Muir – experienced seed savers and gardeners in the City of Unley. Thanks to a generous Unley Council grant it is FREE!

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