Wicking beds at Thebarton College

On Wednesday 7 June 2017 Sustainable Communities returned to Thebarton Senior College to give students a workshop on creating wicking boxes as part of their  Environment Expo. Barb, Mahima, Trevor and Monica, joined other organisations in the gym with a display and information.

Thebarton Senior College has many students who are new arrivals – refugees, overseas students or migrants.  Many students were interested to see what we did and were interested in having vegetable gardens at home. Many also live in flats so are interested  in growing some herbs in a small space.

Two classes of students and teachers joined us to learn about wicking boxes and make their own garden. We provided 20 broccoli boxes and other materials so they could make their own. They learnt about the method to reduce water use and make a small garden. They planted them with spring onions, coriander, and marigolds. Students were enthusiastic about learning a new skill, being able to have a garden to take home or leave at school for the class to watch grow.

Teachers showed us photos of produce grown in last year’s boxes sent in by students.

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