Swap & Share Bounty at One Planet Market

by Rhapsodie

With the warmer weather comes the active sharing and swapping of the following fresh and tasty home grown produce: chillies, herbs, lemons, macadamias, shallots, cucumber, plums, rhubarb, spinach, warrigal, spinach, cherry tomatoes limes, grapes, purple cabbage and delicious figs, figs, figs.

The items this month were picked fresh direct from gardens in Stepney, Unley, Payneham, Felixstow, Royston Park, Broadview, Windsor Gardens, Magill, Para Hills and Erindale.

We don’t operate on cash just the excess produce from your garden. Swap the excess produce in your garden with a range of excess fruits, vegetables and herbs from your neighbour’s garden.

Design your week’s menu around the season’s abundance and enjoy the freshest range of locally grown and home produced food possible. The Share and Swap Market table can be found at the One Planet Market on the third Saturday of every month. See you there.

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